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Stat-fan M and L is two very powerful antistat-fans that produce

negative and positive ions. It blows the ions

over the object that shall be neutralised and

by this also uneven forms can be neutralised.

The fan have a controlsystem that recognizes

the size and the polarity of the static charge

it shall neutralize. This means that it will

instantly adjust itself for each actual situation.

This together with DC ion-generators

make them extremly efficient powerfuly and

fast. Hardly any residual charge remains.

Stat-Fan M can be used up to 0,5-1,5 m

distance and can neutralise an area of

2-3 m².

Stat-Fan L can be used up to 1–2 m distance

and can neutralise an area of 4-6 m².

Incorporated fastening-nuts allows different

ways of mounting. A red LED lights when the

fan is on.

The diagram shows speed for neutralisation

of a charged isolated conductor. The

conductor is charged up to 1000 V, and the

time in seconds, is the time it takes Stat-Fan

to reduce the charge from 1000 V to 100 V.

Technical specifications

Power Supply: 230 V AC, 115 V AC

Neutralisation: < +/- 20 V

Power: Stat-Fan L 19 W

Stat-Fan M 12 W

Airflow: Stat-Fan L 160-180 m³/hour

Stat-Fan M 50-60 m³/hour

Size: Stat-Fan L 160x160x90 mm

Stat-Fan M 120x120x90 mm

Temp. range: 0-40º C

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