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Stat-Fan O

Stat-Fan O is a self-adjusting ion blower with an adjustable airflow and it produces positive and negative ions. Stat-Fan O will neutralise objects in its airstream.

The red LED on the front of the Stat-Fan O lights when the unit is operating. The on/off switch is placed on the front of the Stat-Fan O


. NOTE! The front and the back of the Stat-Fan O must be kept free to allow unimpeded passage of air.


The airflow from the blower is adjustable by means of a knob on the front. To increase the fanspeed, turn the knob in a clockwise direction. To decrease the fanspeed, turn the knob in a counter clockwise direction.

The unit will neutralise a working area of

600 mm x 600 mm. The items to be

neutralised should be kept in this area.


For the Stat-Fan O to maintain optimum

efficiency, it must be kept clean. The

internal components can be cleaned by

blowing compressed air into the air ducts.

The cabinet may be cleaned with a piece

of cloth, moistened with spirit.


If the device requires any repair or alteration

please contact the company you

bought it from.


The diagram shows speed for neutralisation

of a charged isolated conductor.

The conductor is charged up to 1000 Volt,

and the time in seconds, is the time it takes

Stat-Fan O to reduce the charge from

1000 Volt to 100 Volt. The two lines

shows neutralising speed for maximum

and minimum air-flow.



Technical specification

Power suply: 230 V AC, 110 V AC or 18 V by an adapter

Neutralisation: < +/- 20 V

Powet: 1 W

Airflow: max 125 l/min

Temp. range: 0-40º C

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