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Stat-Con ST

Stat-Con ST is a very compact, yet very powerful dc power unit. Stat-Con ST can neutralize all static charges with positive and negative ions.


The power unit is very easy to use as it is factoryadjusted and needs no further adjustment.


Stat-Con ST has a very high accuracy and capacity. On the top side there is a switch which turns the unit on or off. Two red LEDs show that the two iongenerators are working properly. When the unit is switched off it will discharge itself automatically. This will make the emitter-unit schockfree.


The compact size makes it easy to place without long distance wiring. There is a very efficient and safe bar-system that can be used together with Stat-Con ST. The unit can support 15 m of bars. Also other emitter-units such as rings, nozzles can be connected.


Technical Specification

Power Supply: 230 V AC or 110 V AC Current: < 1 A Temp. range: -20 – 40 gr. Celsius Size: 120 x 120 x 55 mm IP-klass acc. EN60529: IP65

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