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Stat-Gun 2


Explanation ATEX-zones

The new STAT-GUN 2 from ION CARE increases profitability at your paint garage. You get a perfect paint surface already with your first try, and every time there after. This increases effectivity and profitability.


Static electricity is one of the major causes of impurities on the paint surface and not even the most perfectly run, paint garage can avoid the problems that comes with static electricity. The STAT-GUN 2 neutralizes the static electricity before each painting application.


Car painters have used anti-static equipment with ions for decades in order to


achieve the best possible paint quality already on the first layer.

The STAT-GUN 2 is very easy to use. The new, hi-tech,  STAT-GUN 2 has been developed to eliminate static charges in an easy-to-use and effective way  to considerably reduce the time and cost of polishing and repainting.


The cordless, non-radioactive STAT-GUN 2.


-Reduces dust particles, patches of grime,       rings, and uneven surfaces.


-Improves color-matching as the paintlayer will be more even.


-Reduce paintconsumption, repainting and polishing


 -Improves profitibilaty


The only connection you need is to the compressed air source.


The STAT-GUN 2 is non-radioactive, meaning no special permits or security measures are necessary.

STAT-GUN 2 is ATEX approved

Baseefa 17ATEX 0026


Technical specifications


The STAT-GUN 2 is powered by an 8.4 V li-ion battery.


Chargeable through a separate charger. The charger is connected to 95-265 V AC. Operational time approx. 10 hrs continuously.

Compressed air pressure 2-4 bar. Microprocessor-controlled.

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