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Stat-Pen is an anti-static device, which neutralizes

static charges, by the help of positive and negative

ions. When Stat-Pen is activated it neutralizes all static

charge the wand is directed to.

Stat-Pen consists of a neutralizer ionizer head, wich is

connected to a power unit. The power unit has a switch

on the top side. When the switch is on, the power unit

is in a stand-by mode. There are also two red LEDS

which light when the power is on. The ionizer head

itself looks like a pen wich you hold in your hand.

Direct the pen against the object you want to neutralize

and press the microswitch on the pen to activate it. The

head should preferably be held at a distance of 30 to

50 mm from the object being neutralized. Warning - do

not touch the head! When the pen is activated it starts

neutralizing at once. You can also see that it is

activated by looking at the two LEDS.

When the pen is activated the leds lights brighter.

As soon as you release the microswitch, located on the pen,

the power unit returns to a stand-by mode and the pen is

discharged automatically. When the pen is not in use, it

should be placed in the holder located at the side of the

power unit.

The diagram shows speed for neutralization of a

charged isolated conductor. The conductor is charged

up to 1000 V, and the time in seconds is the time it

takes the Stat-Pen to reduce the charge from 1000 V to

100 V.

Technical Specification

Power supply: > 100 V AC 50-60 Hz

Neutralization: +/- 30 V

Power: 0.1 W

Temp. range: -20 – +40 degr. Celsius

Size: 120 x 120 x 55 mm

IP-Class (EN60529): IP60

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